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Mags + Marrelli is a creative partner of Meridian Software Services with over 25 years of consumer facing design experience.

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Making an impact

Want to bring your PDF or presentation to life and ensure it makes an impact on your audience? With the RELAYTO platform, you can transform your static content into an interactive web experience in just a few clicks.

How we work with you

It's pretty simple. Either you purchase platform licenses and we train your team on how to present brilliantly with RELAYTO, or we build your content for you.

What it costs

We've designed several tiers based on company size in order to meet the needs of our client base. Contact us to discuss what works for you and get started on making an impact.

Take your sales, marketing and communications to the next level

Examples of work

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Our Story

Meridian Software Services was born out of the insurance agency, Meridian Risk Management. As a customer of the RELAYTO platform, the agency experienced first-hand how the technology had the power to transform the business. The applications are truly limitless and the platform provides the tools to create unique, immersive and engaging content in just a few clicks.


After reaping so many benefits from the platform, including a 80% YoY increase in revenue, the Meridian team decided to create a separate company centered around RELAYTO’s use and application: Meridian Software Services.


Walk through the case study to the right to view the full story.

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